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Yet Michael was still allowed to take up loan after Nike Air Huarache Utility

out last week when the Evening Post contacted them about Michael's story.

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Michael, 49, was an 18 year old private serving in Londonderry in Northern Ireland with the Duke of Wellington's Regiment when he was shot in the head at point blank range while manning a checkpoint.

Michael was transferred to Royal Herbert, a military hospital in Woolwich.

It was 1977 and the Troubles were at their violent, unpredictable height. "It was a part where anything could happen," Michael said.

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He has to balance the book carefully against his paralysed right arm and write with his still functioning left. He's not a natural left hander, although practice has made pretty good.

Three men approached. Two of them engaged him in conversation to distract him. The third was standing less than a metre behind him. He took aim with his pistol and fired at Michael's head.

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He lay in a coma for four months and his doctors weren't sure if he'd live.

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loan with Lloyds TSB over five years. This left him with crippling debts, which Lloyds only wiped Nike Huarache Ladies

It took him six weeks of mouth exercises to recover some of his speech.

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"I was like a little baby. I couldn't do anything at all. I couldn't speak and I couldn't walk so I thought I'd better do something about it. I'm still doing something about it now."

Michael John survived being shot through his brain in Northern Ireland

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Paul is a major, retired from the Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales) and is now county manager of the Royal British Legion in Notts and Derbyshire.

But his parents and four sisters had faith, he says.

He moved to West Bridgford from his Huddersfield home in 1983 to do a residential course at Portland College in Mansfield.

He was pulled back from the brink of death with mouth to mouth resuscitation and was taken by helicopter to hospital in Belfast.

The hospital put him on a service rehabilitation plan. He had a metal plate inserted into his head and learned to walk on a Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Olive frame.

Michael is one of among 1,000 former soldiers in the Notts and Derbyshire area who served in Northern Ireland and are helped by the Legion.

The bullet entered the back left side of his head and exited through the front right. Then, he can remember the shouts. And the blood. His forehead wept with it.

He had already done one shift on the Londonderry checkpoint, but somebody else was late for duty so he was asked to do another. "Because I'm a nice one," he explains.

Painstakingly, in neat capitals, he writes JEAN and PETER: the names of his parents.

his Notts home is full of the lifting machines he used to retrain his muscles. "You're a walking miracle, aren't you?" says Paul Mulingani.

When he emerged from his life death limbo, he says he had to re learn everything.

Until recently, Michael couldn't remember much about August 23, 1977. But lately, he has been able to seize on small shards of memory, piecing them together to form his tragedy.

The bullet left Michael facing a host of problems including slurred speech, unstable movement and occasionally confused thought processes.

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"How now brown cow," he demonstrates.

The checkpoints were set into the city walls the "Derry Wall" that circles the city. Everyone had to be stopped and searched before they were allowed to enter.

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